The University Cultural Center of Sibiu

was born out of the necessity to gather all the energy of students and to create a bond between them inside and outside the boundaries of the country.
Along the years, the activity of the University Cultural Center proved it to be one of the most active institutions in town.

Lately, as the University of Sibiu developed, the University Cultural Center has become an important partner and a close friend of the students. Now, Sibiu has around 30,000 students whose representatives are active members of the University Cultural Center.

Since the beginning, there have been many theatre and dance companies, folklore ensembles, modeling agencies and many others functioning at the Center.

Sibiu was always considered the core of the jazz movement and this distinction is owed first of all to the International Jazz Festival of Sibiu that was the only one of the kind in the country during the 80s.

The Jazz Club and especially the great Nae Ionescu were the ones that started this incredible movement and helped it survive all hardships along the years. The festival is now organized by another institution, but starting from October 2001, The University Cultural Center renewed the tradition. The jazz section for students came back to its original location as Sibiu is now the host of the National Jazz Gala for Students.

Sibiu is also famous for its International Theatre Festival. Just like the International Jazz Festival, its roots are at the University Cultural Center.

In 1993, the institution organized the National Theatre Festival for Students that became international the next year. The two most important qualities of this event are its free spirit and the lack of boundaries to where it may go.

The University Cultural Center functions as a living body, opened to the offers and initiatives of students. These initiatives become programs that are analyzed and turned into reality by the students under the guidance of the referents working at the center. The object of its activity is creating the necessary environment for the students to be able to express themselves freely, to express the dimension of their minds and energy.

The University Cultural Center is an active international partner. It is involved in various forms of cooperation and partnership with more than 30 similar organizations all over the world, including common projects with different programs of the European Union. There is a whole archive testifying to the importance of the activities accomplished by the University Cultural Center of Sibiu in cooperation with more than one hundred countries.